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Happy Valley's focus is to provide a High Standard Therapeutic Massage service that is Accessible, Safe, Effective and Convenient for anyone.

Best Thai Massage in Abu Dhabi

Our recently opened VIP service in Abu Dhabi is conveniently located by the Marina mall and very close to The Emirates Palace. Here you can enjoy a special VIP service in any one of our 6 treatment rooms by our Highly Experienced and Qualified Staff.

Adequate care has been taken to create a soothing environment for our clients; this includes the d├ęcor, use of lights and ambience at the centres. A casual visitor never fails to recognize the distinct aroma of Lemon Grass Oil and other aromatic herbs wafting across from the therapy rooms. This is kept in a crucible over a flame close by to the massage rooms to ensure the aroma surrounds the area.

Massage Services

Aromatherapy Massage
The art of applying essential oils in combination with massage to suit individual needs.

A form of massage applied using foot pressure.
Professional corporate chair massage is a convenient and effective method of ensuring that employees are happy and relaxed. (Coming soon)

Deep Tissue Massage
A massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle to relax.

Holistic Massage
An instinctive use of touch to treat the whole person, helps with relaxing.

A technique of stimulating the pressure points on the feet to attain a state of balance and equilibrium.

A unique and powerful Massage Therapy, which combines Acupressure, Gentle Stretching and applied Yoga.

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